what was said in the woods

took some eerie night time portraits out in the front street at my parent's house just for kicks. I felt like trying to see if I could get something dark and almost cinematic out of it--I don't do a lot of shooting at night because man I've hardly even mastered shooting during optimal lighting so who am I kiddin'. I'm working so hard at trying to learn how to get the images I want out of this camera and sometimes it's frustrating and exhausting putting so much work into your vision of something and feeling like you always just fall short. Constantly reminding myself that I'm still new at this and I'll find my footing eventually while simultaneously wanting to eat pizza and sob while looking at photos taken by those whose work I admire ( / yellin WHY NOT ME) Sometimes I'm tempted to go back to shooting primarily film--not because I was good at it, but because I felt more satisfaction out of my work with it. At the same time I'm sort of taking digital as a challenge. I just want to prove to myself that I can use this medium to create work I feel good about.