the universe is made of tiny stories

Went on a spur of the moment little photo shoot and finally did the field thing! I mean, it's kind of like a rite of a passage, isn't it!? I'm still working on using my environment and natural light to my advantage--and that whole bit is going pretty poorly but, man, nothing beats how those rare warm winter afternoons can make you feel. I've never ever experimented with shooting in fields before but I can see why it's been done so much before. The whole thing was just so calm and comfortable that there was a point where my brother actually laid down to just talk and rest for a second. When the sun finally started to cast over us and tried to creep into an almost golden hour you just felt washed in the warmth of it, like it was something out of a book. It made me think about how important it is to always try your hardest to keep putting good out into the world--I feel like it has so much goodness to offer in return if you know when to look and how to take it.