oak trees & burgers & gelato

I've been home spending time with my parents (and brother) for a quick visit. Me and warren spent the other day around city park hoping hard that at least one single new orleans camera store would be open for at least a second on sunday so we could pick up some film/drop off some frames to get scanned--and of course all of our hunting and our finger crossing was to no avail. but! it was a beautiful spring like day in the middle of January and we chose not to let it slip out of our fingers without a fight. The park was full with families and sun and later we celebrated the warmth with bud's broilers cheeseburgers (which are the best cheeseburgers I've had in the south and are only rivaled by in-n-out on the west coast) plus a stop at Sucre to admire the pretty cases of desserts/cute treats and for a cup of the best gelato I've ever eaten. (l i t e r a l l y) toasted almond is my number one favorite flavor I think. and I'm very serious about my ice cream ya'll. 

I've been trying to put myself in the habit of having whoever I happen to be with take a photo or two of me during any of these kind of occasions just to get more and more comfortable with the feel of that sort of thing like I mentioned in an earlier post. As evidenced below my photos of other people + food will mostly always outnumber the ones of myself ;) but honestly every little thing I post here always makes me a little nervous, just to completely and openly share my sloppy process of trial and error is a little intimidating but I also feel good (!) about consistently working at capturing things the way I want to remember them