grilled swiss and pesto with red pepper panini


I finally get to see my man again in a few days after waiting for almost two months for his graduation! Needless to say I'm uncontrollably excited and also kind of restless. As an attempt to some how cure that restlessness I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen playing around with some simple and quick recipes and making them something of my own.

The very same day that I made this I took another stab at the lavender cupcakes and came up with an even better method/recipe that I'll talk about in a separate post sometime soon. Lemme just tell ya'll about this sandwich because it was the best, I mean it RULED okay, and it looks pretty good, right? It was easy peasy to make, I needed a tiny bit of help from my brother just so that I could get started on the macaroni cups and have them ready to eat when our sandwiches were done. The sandwich really only takes about five minutes to prep and maybe ten or so minutes to grill so it was ready in no time, which is my favorite because half way through cooking/baking I'm usually starving and about ready to devour it!

The Panini

sourdough bread
basil pesto
one red pepper
on roma tomato
swiss cheese
olive oil (I used extra light)
a panini press or if you don't have one then two skillets (we used two skillets because my press is packed for my move next weekend!)

My brother cut the red pepper into strips and diced it then sauteed it in a skillet with olive oil - just realized I've been saying roasted red pepper when we actually opted to saute them, oops! After they were sauteed we plopped them into a little bowl set off to the side until we needed them. (cue me eating the tiny little red pepper bits out of the bowl because I freaking lover peppers...)

I used sourdough bread though you could use any you prefer and cut long somewhat thick slices (since you're going to be pressing it and I didn't want it too thin) and then I spread the pesto on slightly thickly, covering both pieces of bread for each sandwich. I laid two slices of cheese on one side of each sandwich then cut thick slices of a single roma tomato and put about two or three slices of the tomato. After that I sprinkled a little feta before putting the other piece of bread on top. Grabbed a skillet and poured a light amount of olive oil in it then set the stove somewhat high and put both the sandwiches in. Using another skillet I pressed it down on top of the sandwiches, smooshin' 'em lightly to get that panini esque look and feel. after thirty seconds or so I'd lift them with a spatula to see how grilled they were getting and when they got lightly browned I flipped them over to the other side and pressed into them with the skillet again until both sides were kind of golden and perfect.  Then I scooped them out and only took two photos because I was starving and they looked mad delicious!