brunch 'n stuff


So a few weekends ago me and my best girl decided to make brunch and experiment with lavender a little bit in both cupcakes and lemonade. It was a really kick ass time because it was mostly us dancing kind of suggestively with her dogs and making really good food and reading magazines and taking smoke breaks. Katie made the mini pancakes (they're perfect, right!?) and I revamped a poached gg and sourdough sandwich recipe to something more like our own. The strawberries were just because strawberries rule obviously...


 The weather was really cool, but we sat in the sun and enjoyed the warmth and our really late breakfast-y feast. 


 And this was our lavender lemonade! We took a recipe and reduced the amount of lavender and added more lemonade because lavender has a very herb-ly and perfumed flavor that really needed to be toned down


 The lemonade was something completely of its own flavor, it wasn't very much like tea or like lemonade, but it was really really good and had a neat taste to it that we both really dug.



And then we jumped into making our chocolate cupcakes with lavender icing. The lavender was SO hard to get our hands on, apparently it's become really uncommon so we kind of had to do some traveling around to finally get our hands on some. It's really fun to work with but you have to do A LOT of taste testing to get the amount you prefer and the flavor to your liking.

and here's Katie being so proud'a our ugly little cupcakes!!

and this is us being cool as hell best friends

Hanging around old swing sets and drinking lemonade in the shade