coffee and flowers that look like singing mouths


I feel really good. I mean, I'd rather be watching cowboy bebop - or whose line - and maybe eating homemade granola - or some sort of red and yellow pepper salad that's really crunchy - or cuddling my pup in bed and telling her about something funny I thought of at work the other day like she cares (she does) or even understands (she does) - and other things that aren't remotely productive. But I'm having a wedding ceremony this Saturday. 

And even though I'm trying very hard not to be, I'm a little bummed because there are certain family members and close friends who won't be able to attend because the ceremony was sort of contingent upon some things (I.E. when the military was going to let my husband in, etc.) and therefore became kind of  a last minute endeavor and other things I'll explain later. But I still feel good. Because I have a vintage 1950's wedding dress and a flower crown made of baby's breath and high-heeled saddle shoes and there will be mason jars strung to trees by floral wire that I wrapped around them my self. And they will be full of flowers and tea lights that my mother bought for the occasion. And we will be getting married in front of what we like to call a "nest" that we built ourselves out of twigs and tree limbs and wild flowers. And three of my best friends will be at my side even though two of them are boys and some unapproving women in my family don't understand.

 And there will be tent canopies made out of bed sheets with little lanterns making them glow, and old sixties music like the kind I dance to in my room late at night sometimes when I think about my future and how in the next few months I may end up at any coast with this dude who I think is the coolest and how maybe we will string lights in our apartment and dance to led zeppelin like I did in my first apartment I ever half-owned. And how we'll go for walks in parks and watch the leaves change if they do. Maybe we will eat fruits for breakfast and cook curry for dinner and listen to the hum of our two separate lives braiding themselves into one. But truthfully, I think they've already begun that adventure a long time ago.

I hope you guys have a really great week.