first sight, after sight, every sight


I wrote this a month or so after I moved this summer, I tried to post it a handful of times and never the original typewritten version because I thought it might be easier not to, but I guess it just ended up feeling like it was something that shouldn't be shown. It always left me feeling really uncomfortable and vulnerable when I put it out there, this weird and erratic string of thoughts. I guess, even in all their erratic-ness, the thoughts were too soft and too precise to share that carelessly. I don't know. It's just scary sometimes to talk about something that feels this important in a way so decisive and specific. Some of you have probably already seen it and exactly for what it is - not much, nothing impressive. But it was a piece I wrote that explicitly described a part of what I think of as home. Anyways, no more overblown explanations. I'm gonna crack my knuckles and post this finally and not take it back anymore, because why the hell not, right?

first sight, after sight, every sight, part I and part II: