Chrissy Field and the Palace of the Arts with Kira + Conor

We spent Valentine's day goofing around a few San Francisco spots with these two and the whole thing was hilarious and fun and on top of it all we got the most beautiful free pizza outta it! We sang some classic Britney Spears at the top of our lungs and spent an ALMOST embarrassing amount of time talking about my serious affinity for Steve Buscemi. It was a bright and busy day and the parks were full of people enjoying the warmth that finally showed up after winter--it was so nice! We also saw a billion dogs so cut to me and Kira screaming about how much we love them every five minutes ;)

These two are sort of the coolest. They're so easy and fun to spend a day with, and look how cute they are! Those two photos at the top are my most favorite of them, I can't get over the way they're smiling at each other! We also MIGHT have trespassed and broke a bunch of park rules constantly and they were just totally down for everything. We spent most of our time laughing and talking about how badly we wanted beer and pizza--& all of those are my favorite things.

Kira is such a fun person to be around--she laughs constantly and it's contagious. So many people hate when they're caught laughing in photos (me included!) because we look silly and not like how we imagine ourselves, but Kira's favorite photos were most often the ones where she was cracking up at Conor and I loved that! It made me think of a quote by Amy Poehler that I'm obsessed with: "There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do." but if I'm being real I also think Kira's one of those lucky jerks who looks natural and genuinely pretty when she laughs--it brings out the best of her.

These last few shots were actually taken as we were walking a few blocks over to the pizza place we had lunch at. So lucky that Kira is always happy to have her photo taken because it makes it sooo much easier for me when I'm like "Wait! This random rusty door looks cool, you should definitely hop in front of it!" or "Wait, this street with pastel colored houses is so cute, get over there and kiss each other!!"

I'm for sure going to miss these two now that we've all moved away from the West Coast, but more than that I'm so glad I got to know them. They've been so much fun--from the night I met them when our friend Rob was pretending he was gonna marry Conor's sister and I was trying to help him seal the deal, to the time they had a super bowl party where I became obsessed with their dog (his name is Kyzer but their nickname for him is "Kyzer-puppy", & he's perfect!?), and when I spent a whole day with Kira + our friend Kelci all over San Francisco as our last goodbye to the city before we all left--how we picnic'd in Alamo Square, danced on too many sidewalks to count somewhere in the Wharf, shouted out at the top of Twin Peaks where you could see the whole city beneath us. For only having known them for such a short amount of time I have so many good memories of it all and I'm real happy about that.