go back to those gold sounds

It's supposed to be spring, I know and I love it, but we also just had the biggest snowfall I've seen so far while living in Tennessee just a few weeks ago so I'm still a little suspicious about all of it. The weather is so indecisive this time of year and there are often some beautiful warm days coupled with far too many colder ones. It makes me ache for the part of the gulf where I'm from, where winter is always an afterthought sort of season, usually quick and wavering. But! Whatever! It's spring! Life is coming back and always on the edge of full swing. We've been hanging out around the river front on the nicer days and I don't know how to tell you that there is nothing quite like seeing kids fevered and full of energy running around the hills of the park, flying kites, empty tree branches rattling in their laughter.

We've been trying to keep ourselves busy with things like planning road trips, preparing for my brother in law's high school graduation, and obviously eating the prettier veggies and fruits to try and remind us that winter is just about over and we made it to the other side. There are so many precarious things waiting for us in the coming seasons and I'm hopeful and charged with that buzz of adventure. isn't that what spring is all about anyway?