We've been celebrating the dude's birthday for over a week now. The marathon of celebrating included spicy bloody mary's, lots of rain, shish kabobs (a summer staple around these parts) and finally some very early Halloween/fall decorating which we REFUSE to be ashamed of

This summer has been mostly great to us. Full of trips to Florida beaches, cool Nashville shops, nights in small Alabama towns spent enjoying great Mexican food and getting a tiny bit drunk on chocolate flavored wine (did you know that was a thing!?) And while some trips we took were under not-so-great circumstances, we always managed to find a way to turn them into something way better (like going over an hour out of the way from Georgia to meet up with old friends and laugh about the way we once made a fool of high school...and how admittedly it made fools of us even more) So I guess now is as good a time as any for this season to finally start to wrap up. Often at the end of summer I start to feel a little sad, you know, the way seasons pass and you look back on them wondering if you did as much as you could to enjoy them. I always feel like there are so many things I forgot—picnics, garage sales, more snowcones, more homemade ice cream, more hiking. Did I catch as many thunderstorms on the back porch as I would have liked to? Were there enough sunburns, did I always come home with my hands smelling like grass? I don't feel so bad this year because the answer is yes, yes, absolutely yes.

so c'mon fall, I'm ready