Thankful installment no. 2


The weekends lately somehow manage to go slowly and too quickly at the same time. There are things I keep meaning to post but I am such an expert procrastinator that I even put off doing things I actually dig(uuuuum that's when you know you have a problem, right?)


Tonight I am thankful for evening bike rides where I watch the sun set on the Mississippi River while pedaling next to my husband. I'm thankful for cool documentaries on food and media that the dude is equally as interested in. How I'm finding simple things that can make me happy in an instant (since it's something I need every now and then) -- 

things like buying comfy over-the-knee socks, listening to Orson Welle's radio drama "War of the Worlds", Sandwiches from Firehouse, Home made Shirley Temples and reruns of Saturday Night Live episodes, and playing videos games in the morning before I even put pants on. How sometimes listening to an old favorite song can make a blue day so much better. For finally falling asleep at a reasonable hour. Surprise packages full of kitchen goods from my Dad and long weekend visits from my parents spent watching the Olympics, lounging on a big mattress pulled out into the living room, and eating way too many snacks. ...Oh, and definitely when the dude folds my underwear in the goofiest lil triangles. :)

I hope you all have a nice week!